Automobile air conditioning manifold pressure gauge

The air conditioning system is a closed system. The state change of refrigerant in the system can not be seen or touched. Once there is a fault, there is often no place to start. Therefore, in order to judge the working state of the system, an instrument - automobile air conditioning pressure gauge group must be used.

For automobile air conditioning maintenance personnel, the pressure gauge group is equivalent to a doctor's stethoscope and X-ray fluoroscopy machine. This tool can give maintenance personnel insight into the internal situation of the equipment, as if it provides valuable information that is helpful to diagnose the disease.

Application of manifold pressure gauge for automobile air conditioner

Tube pressure gauge is an essential tool for maintaining automobile air conditioning system. It is connected with the refrigeration system to vacuum, add refrigerant and diagnose the faults of the refrigeration system. The pressure gauge group has many uses. It can be used to check the system pressure, fill the system with refrigerant, vacuum, fill the system with lubricating oil, etc

Structural composition of manifold pressure gauge group

Structure composition of manifold pressure gauge manifold pressure gauge is mainly composed of two pressure gauges (low pressure gauge and high pressure gauge), two manual valves (low pressure manual valve and high pressure manual valve) and three hose joints. The pressure gauges are all on one gauge base, and there are three channel interfaces at the lower part. The pressure gauge is connected and separated from the system through two manual valves.

Hand valves (LO and HI) are installed on the meter base to isolate each channel or form various combined pipelines with hand valves as required.

The manifold pressure gauge has two pressure gauges, one is used to detect the pressure on the high-pressure side of the refrigeration system, and the other is used to detect the pressure on the low-pressure side.

The low pressure side pressure gauge is used to display both pressure and vacuum degree. The reading range of vacuum degree is 0 ~ 101 kPa. The pressure scale starts from 0 and the measuring range is not less than 2110 kPa. The pressure range measured by the high-pressure side pressure gauge starts from 0, and the range shall not be less than 4200kpa. The hand valve marked with "Lo" is the low-pressure end valve, and "Hi" is the high-pressure end valve. The gauge marked with blue is a low-pressure gauge, which is used to measure pressure and vacuum. The reading greater than zero in clockwise direction is the pressure scale, and the reading greater than zero in counterclockwise direction is the vacuum scale. The meter marked in red is a high-voltage meter.

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