Principle and function of automobile vacuum pump

Many people may look at a loss when they hear the name. What is it? Never heard of it! Even those who know a little about the car may only have heard of the name. As for its specific function, they don't know much about it, so let's learn about it today! The vacuum pump inside the car is generally an existence that provides power for the car. It is an essential thing. For small partners who don't know it very well, for the sake of your car, it's best to understand this thing, what role it plays in the car, what its working principle is, and how to maintain it, Only after understanding can we know what to do is the best for it.

Introduction to vacuum pump

The braking system of family cars we usually use usually mainly relies on hydraulic pressure as the transmission medium, and then compared with the pneumatic braking system that can provide power, it needs an assistant system to assist the driver's braking, and the power assistance system of vacuum braking can also be called vacuum servo system.

First of all, it uses human hydraulic braking, and then adds another braking capacity source to help it boost. In this way, the two braking systems can be used together, that is, they can be used together as a braking system to provide energy. Under normal circumstances, its output is mainly the pressure generated by the power servo system, However, when it can not work normally, the hydraulic system can still be driven by manpower to help.

How it works

As for its source, we can mainly start from the following. First, for vehicles equipped with gasoline engine, the general engine uses spark ignition, so a relatively large vacuum pressure can be generated when the intake branch pipe is used. In this way, sufficient vacuum source can be provided for the vacuum assisted braking system. However, for vehicles driven by diesel engine, because its engine is compression ignition type, the same level of vacuum pressure cannot be provided at the branch pipe of air inlet, which requires a vacuum pump that can provide vacuum source, In addition, the engine designed by the vehicle to meet certain vehicle emission and environmental protection requirements also needs it to provide sufficient vacuum source to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.

Symptoms of damage

Its function is mainly to use the vacuum generated by the engine when working, and then provide sufficient help for the driver when stepping on the brake, so that the driver will be more light and easy to use when stepping on the brake. However, once the vacuum pump is damaged, it lacks certain help, so it will feel heavy when stepping on the brake, and the braking effect will be reduced, Sometimes it even fails, which means that the vacuum pump is damaged. However, the vacuum pump can not be repaired in general, so it can only be replaced with a new one after it is damaged.

However, we must ensure its working performance so that your car can maintain normal operation. Only by understanding these can we better protect it and provide you with services for a longer time. Especially in electric vehicles, it plays the role of an air pump, which shows its importance.

Post time: Dec-18-2021